About the 68k blog


Welcome to my new blog! I haven’t bogged in years, as I am constantly thinking there’s plenty of noise already out there on the internet. And why would the world need one more blog?

Well, a few months back I visited the MIT Radio Society SwapFest – a collection of folks selling antique and interesting hardware and electronics. And there, I found a relic from the distant past that reignited a long dormant passion – a non-booting Macintosh SE FDHD.

metalbabble.com 68 blogI grew up with computers like the SE, the first computer I had was a 68k Mac, I fought passionately about Macs and Windows before “fanboy” was a term. Certainly a lot’s changed since then, but it was computers like these that opened the door for me into a career and passion in technology.

It’s crazy how quickly time goes by, and how much has been forgotten and lost from that era. To answer the question of “Why another blog?” – It’s getting harder and harder to find information on old Macs, and I wanted to give back and share some of the knowledge from this era for those today who are restoring these old devices, remembering the good ol’ days, or even discovering them for the first time.

Thanks for visiting!