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Raspberry Pi Mac Modem

A few months ago I wrote this article about using a Raspberry Pi to connect vintage Macs to the internet via serial cables and PPP. It’s a great solution I think, but it doesn’t exactly “look” the part. For a little retro-fun, I made a much more authentic looking case for my Raspberry Pi Mac modem! Check it out:

retro modem raspberry pi case
Inside this old-school modem case lurks a Raspberry Pi Zero W

If you’d like to make your own – it’s pretty simple. The modem I used was a Global Village TelePort bronze ADB modem, similar to the ones that shipped with Performas. You can find them for pretty cheap on eBay. The modem opens with just one screw on the bottom (under the label) in the center of the unit.

The unit is large enough for a full-sized Pi, but since the screw is dead-center, I used a Pi Zero W which fits easily with the screw in place.

Now if I could find a small speaker to fit in there, I could have it play dial-up sound effects!