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Hello eWorld

eWorld was a unique online service provided by Apple in the mid 90s. It was actually Apple’s second online service after its predecessor, AppleLink. Not often spoke of these days, it was an interesting service for its time, and offered many similar features to the online giant that dominated the later part of the decade: AOL. Although the service has been offline for decades, there is a way to experience it today… sort of.

It’s a small eWorld after all….

I don’t personally have many memories of eWorld, other than a nifty demo that came with my family’s Performa. The demo was fairly impressive and featured animation and a voice-over narration – which was pretty novel for its time. The Performa shipped with a 2400 baud ADB Global Village modem which I only used for Telnet and eventually AOL when my family subscribed. I sadly missed the train for eWorld, but I always though it looked interesting.

You can learn a ton more about eWorld on Wikipedia.

In terms of accessing it today, a website called AppleFritter offers a download that runs on classic 68k Macs that provides an eWorld-like experience to their BBS. It’s pretty neat actually. You can check it out here on the AppleFritter website.

So there you have it – eWorld. A quirky service that just dripped with 90s ascetic. It’s long gone… but not forgotten.