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Classic Mac Y2K20 bug


Back in the day, Mac users generally shrugged off the dreaded “Y2K” problem. Macs since the beginning could store dates in 4 digits and work with dates well after 2000. However, back then we knew there was a time in the distant future where we would start running into date-related problems… unfortunately that time is now. Classic Macs may have trouble setting dates 2020 and beyond, but the good news is there’s a solution – at least for now. Continue reading


Bless This Mess

Bless you!

In order for a classic Mac to boot from a drive, there needs to be a System Folder. A system folder needs to contain the system file (aka system suitcase) and the Finder. Sometimes though, even if these files reside in a folder named “System Folder” the Mac still won’t boot – this is most likely because the folder isn’t “blessed”.

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