Hello eWorld

eWorld was a unique online service provided by Apple in the mid 90s. It was actually Apple’s second online service after its predecessor, AppleLink. Not often spoke of these days, it was an interesting service for its time, and offered many similar features to the online giant that dominated the later part of the decade: AOL. Although the service has been offline for decades, there is a way to experience it today… sort of.

It’s a small eWorld after all….
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Classic Mac Y2K20 bug


Back in the day, Mac users generally shrugged off the dreaded “Y2K” problem. Macs since the beginning could store dates in 4 digits and work with dates well after 2000. However, back then we knew there was a time in the distant future where we would start running into date-related problems… unfortunately that time is now. Classic Macs may have trouble setting dates 2020 and beyond, but the good news is there’s a solution – at least for now. Continue reading