Old PRAM Batteries (Things that go bump in the night!)


Impending Doom

There’s one thing in particular inside your classic 68k Mac that’s sitting there like a time bomb ready to ruin your vintage machine. If you haven’t already guessed what it is, it’s the 3.6V “half AA” PRAM lithium battery.

When these things go, they don’t just “go” – they go out with a bang. The following is a story of my Macintosh Classic, it’s life, death, and afterlife.

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Bless This Mess

Bless you!

In order for a classic Mac to boot from a drive, there needs to be a System Folder. A system folder needs to contain the system file (aka system suitcase) and the Finder. Sometimes though, even if these files reside in a folder named “System Folder” the Mac still won’t boot – this is most likely because the folder isn’t “blessed”.

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Fun Stuff, networking

The final frontier: connecting a Macintosh SE to the Internet with a Raspberry Pi


Yep. It’s totally possible. You can pretty much get any Mac on the internet – as Macs have been designed for networking since day one. But… it’s not exactly “plug n’ play”. I’ve seen a few websites and bloggers pull this feat off a few different ways. Below, I’ll give you a quick run down of some of the ways people have gotten it to work, along with how I was able to get my Macintosh SE FDHD online.

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