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A brand new game for not-so-new Macs

Check out Flappy Mac, a brand new release for 68k Macs. It’s just like the mobile game Flappy Bird… except with Macs (and various other unlock-able characters.)

Hop over to and check it out! Be sure to support the author and help keep the classic Mac community strong!


Playing Movies on a Black & White compact Mac!

It “moves like they do.”

It’s not every day that new software comes out for antique computers – but a few days ago, the insanely cool “MacFilm” was released! With it, you can play full-screen movies on your black and white compact Mac. It seems to run well on the SE/30 and can even run respectably on a 68000-based Mac SE, Classic, or Plus!

You can download it, complete with instructions from the link below:

Fun Stuff, software

Playing MP3s on 68k Macintosh

If you’re looking for a fun (and modern) use for your classic Mac – there’s one option you might not have considered: playing MP3s. Up until last year I didn’t even think this was possible without at least a PowerPC system – but most 040-based Macs and some 030s can actually play MP3 files quite well!

An MP3 Player for classic Macs
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